GSM security Alarm system

Wireless installation, Easy-to-operate. International famous chipset 2262 coding, advanced beaverboard, automatically produce pipelining, so the control panel remain stable with strong compatible function.


Solar powered LED Flashlight Keychain

A small flashlight with three powerful LED lights,and it never needs batteries.


Solar Powered Lighter

Solar Spark Lighter and Fire Starter Survival Tools


Weight loss,Jim Beam Barbecue Sunflower Seeds

Satisfy your hunger without increasing your weight or waist size with the barbecue sunflower seeds.


Sound Music Activated Car Stickers

These high-tech stickers feature blue LEDs that move to the rhythm of the music and are coated with a protective membrane to ensure theyll perform in all types of weather.


Inflatable Couch

This inflatable pull out sofa offers an affordable and comfortable sleeping solution for any home or even outdoor use.


Drink Preserver In Pool

Drink Preservers are the 1st product to assuredly float your drink in the pool. These aren't some cheap blow up rubber ducky no.


Faceless Japanese Wrist Watch

This fancy faceless wrist watch displays the current time with custom LED that is built right into the band. It looks like a simple hand band but in real it is stylish stainless steel design watch.


World's Largest Coffee Cup

This is worlds largest cup it is (3.2 cm x 3.2 cm) porcelain Squirrel Coffee Cup. It will really give a cute look in your hand. You can put large amount of tea or coffee in it.


Ice Cream Scooper

This scooper is designed to serve ice cream properly and in beautifull shape to the guests. This scooper creates cylindrical blocks of ice cream.


USB Battleship

Now you can recharge your too many devices together without any problem of lack of sockets. Now this Battleship USB Port is used to charge your so many devices together.


Ninja Star Hanging Hook

These Ninja Stars Hook give different and unique view to your room. They will transform your hallway into the scene of a Shanghai back street stand-off.


Australian scientists have developed wetsuits that prevent shark attacks

A team of researchers from the University of Western Australia joined forces with designers from Shark Attack Mitigation Systems to create the suits.

  • GSM security Alarm system
  • Solar powered LED Flashlight Keychain
  • Solar Powered Lighter
  • Weight loss,Jim Beam Barbecue Sunflower Seeds
  • Sound Music Activated Car Stickers
  • Inflatable Couch
  • Drink Preserver In Pool
  • Faceless Japanese Wrist Watch
  • World's Largest Coffee Cup
  • Ice Cream Scooper
  • USB Battleship
  • Ninja Star Hanging Hook
  •  Australian scientists have developed wetsuits that prevent shark attacks

Hd Video Camera Pen

Sharpen your espionage skills by capturing unsuspecting people with the high definition camera pen. Video Recording Pen appears to be a high quality, stylish writing instrument, and it is. But looks can be very deceiving, because this pen also conceals a high def 720P video camera and DVR! You simply push one button and digital video begins to record onto the built-in 4GB memory chip.


Secret Compartment Pillow

The worlds first standard sized bed pillow features an undetectable secret compartment to safely hold your valuables and private items. Keep your most valued possessions safe by concealing them in the secret compartment pillow.


Biometric Fingerprint Reader Password Lock for Laptop

Now with the help of this great invention of biometric fingerprint password lock you can securely store valuable data. It connects to a USB port on your PC/laptop and utilizes the uniqueness of ones fingertip to ensure unwanted guests cant gain access to your information.


Professional DJ MIDI Controller

The Vestax VCI 380 is a 2 channel DJ MIDI controller with a built in Digital DJ mixer. Powerful and creative, it opens the door to limitless possibilities of controllerism.


Sprout Pencil

Sprout is a pencil with a seed inside. The seed capsule is water activated. The first few times you water Sprout activates the capsule and starts the seed\'s germination.


Blue Q Hand Sanitizer

Now you can stay safe with the only hand sanitizer on the market that protects against hands that possibly touched genitals only moments prior. Shaking hands is an unfortunately risky part of human interaction.